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Meet My Rajah. My Baby

Rescued October 28, 2015

I rescued Rajah from the Clover Cat Rescue

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Meet Ace Pet Watchers Owner

Hello, my name is Deborah Cormier, I own and operate Ace Pet Watchers.  I was born in N.H., on September 21, 1965.  I moved to Massachusetts when I turned ten years old.  Growing up, I always had pets in my home and during those years, we shared our home with cats, a guinea pig, and a chipmunk that we rescued from our cat. When I moved out on my own, I got an African Grey Parrot.  Growing up, I had always loved dogs, but never had one as a child.  So when I moved to Roanoke, VA in 1996, my son, daughter and I searched for a dog and we found a Beagle, which we named Buddy.  Buddy became a cherished member, of our family.  Buddy was an incredibly sweet dog, but suffered from separation anxiety, so leaving him day after day, to go to a daycare job was tough.  I'd come home during my lunch break, to take him out for a long walk and to give him the potty break he needed, but when I left I felt guilty for leaving him alone.  I often wondered if other pet owners felt the same guilt.  So with the help of Buddy and my deep love of animals, I started Ace Pet Watchers, and I've never regretted my decision. I  truly enjoy waking up each morning, knowing I'm spending my day caring for my furry friends.  I'm truly blessed to be able to provide a service that not only brings me joy, but also helps pet owners with knowing that their pets are being well cared for while they're away.  As the owner of Ace Pet Watchers, I want my company, to be known as the business; you can trust.  Ace Pet Watchers #1 priority is to provide you with dependable, quality care and to give lots of TLC for your beloved pets.  Try us, you'll love us, I guarantee.

Deborah Cormier

Owner & Operator       

Winning hearts, one paw at a time