Meet and Greet - Free

Ace Pet Watchers requires an meet and greet before we can book a service.  This visit is free of charge.  At this visit, we meet your pets and get the information needed to care for your pets and your home.  We will be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have at the time.  We will go over the policies and procedures, complete the paperwork, sign the contract, and pick up keys to your home.


All reservations need to be set up and confirmed by speaking to the owner Deborah Cormier.  When calling Ace Pet Watchers if you leave a message on voicemail, please don't leave town without speaking to the owner Deborah Cormier.  During the year, there are times that business is very busy, so please book your reservations ASAP to ensure availability. 

Extended Vacation Stays

If you are unable to get home on your scheduled arrival date due to plane delays, car problems, bad weather, or you just want to stay later please just call Ace Pet Watchers and we will schedule your pets for a longer period.


Ace Pet Watchers will give your pets oral and topical medications or vitamins upon the request of the client.  Ace Pet Watchers does not charge a fee for giving medication or vitamin supplements. 

Sick or Injured Pets

If your pets become sick or injured while you're away, Ace Pet Watchers will take your pets to your veterinarian during regular office hours.  If your pets become ill or wounded when their veterinarian office is closed, Ace Pet Watchers will take your pets to the Emergency Veterinary Care facility at 4902 Frontage Rd. N.W. Roanoke.  All fees incurred are to be paid by the pet owner, unless Ace Pet Watchers is at fault.  Ace Pet Watchers asks all clients to contact their veterinarian before going out of town to let them know Ace Pet Watchers will be caring for their pets.  Please make payment arrangements with your vet.

Bad Weather

Ace Pet Watchers operates 365 days of the year and during that time bad weather from winter storms, hurricanes, flooding, or lighting storms will occur.  Ace Pet Watchers may move pet sitting visits earlier than scheduled for the day if bad weather is predicted so that we can get all pets scheduled for the day.  If a client stays home due to bad weather we don't charge for the cancellation, but we do ask that you call.  If we do arrive and your home you will be charged the regular sitting fee so, please call to cancel.

Holidays Observed

Ace Pet Watchers provides services on the following holidays, but charges an additional $5.00 fee on New Years Eve/Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve/Day.  Due to the high volume of bookings during the holidays 10 and 20-minute visits are only offered, please book ASAP.

Client/Sitter Communication

Customers may call or text my cell phone between the hours of 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. to check on their pets.  If you get my voicemail, please leave a message, and I will return your call or text ASAP. 

Payment Policy

Ace Pet Watchers requires that the full amount be paid the first day of service.  If pet sitting visits are extended, payment can be mailed or taken care of when the client returns home.  If the payment is not left a late fee is charged.  Payment can be left in forms of cash or personal checks.  Checks should be made out to Ace Pet Watchers or Deborah Cormier.

Clients Return

Ace Pet Watchers asks that their customers, please call to let us know that they have arrived home and that their pets are receiving care.  Clients who return home after hours, please leave a voicemail, so we know all is well. 

Ready Key Enrollment Form

I request enrollment in the Ready-Key Program by my signature below.  As a participant, I agree to provide Ace Pet Watchers/Deborah Cormier with (1) key to my home, one of which will be securely maintained in the companies office.  I understand that Ace Pet Watchers/Deborah Cormier, it's employees will take precautions to safeguard and protect the identity of my house key. 

Registration in the Ready-Key Program will allow Ace Pet Watchers/Deborah Cormier to accept my reservations for future services with less notice than is required. 

As a Ready-Key Program participant, I agree to hold Ace Pet Watchers/Deborah Cormier harmless for any loss, damage or injury of any kind to pet or property during periods that I am not under written or oral contract for pet sitting/house sitting services.  I understand that this agreement may be terminated by either party with 24 hours advance notification.

At the termination of service, please allow up to one week, for the return of the key.  If the key is required immediately, please make special arrangements. 


While you're away, and your pets are under the care of Ace Pet Watchers, there will be no job sharing, for the safety of your pets and for liability reasons.  So please reschedule housekeeping, lawn maintenance, and pool cleaners.  Please ask family members, friends and neighbors to not drop by, for liability reasons.  Thanks



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