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Veterinarian Hospital & Vet

Roanoke Animal Hospital

2814 Franklin Rd.

Roanoke, VA 24014

Phone:  540-343-8021

Vet:  Dr. Mark Finkler

Animal Clinic

Angels of Assisi Clinic

415 Campbell Ave. S.W.

Roanoke, VA 24016

Phone:  540-344-8707

Cat Litter

Arm & Hammer Essentials:  Rate *****

Do you love your cats, but hate the smell of the cat litter overtaking your house?  Do you go to clean the litter to find that the cat litter you use the clumping is heavy to lift, hard to scrape off the side of the box and just doesn't absorb odor?  Well, as a professional pet sitter let me tell you I wish all of my clients used Arm & Hammer Essentials.  Arm & Hammer Essentials is made of corn fibers, so it's biodegradable.  Arm & Hammer Essentials odor control is incredible I never smell the litter box in the home where one of my clients uses this product.  I love this product it is so easy to clean the litter box for the clumping action works great, and it's not a heavy clump.  If you're tired of messing with litter that doesn't control odor, is hard and messy to scoop, and uses most of the litter because it doesn't clump.  Well, then try Arm & Hammer Essentials I promise you will love it.